Reef Projects

Aquabuild Australia has been enganged by Fisheries Victoria in building an Artificial Reef System for the recreational fishing community in Victoria for land based anglers.

The reefs are located in Port Phillip bay at Frankston, Altona and Port Arlington.

Project goals:

  • Ensure the reef system does not impact on safety of users of the water and surrounding areas of the reefs.
  • Compare 'Aquatrees' to other Artificial systems.
  • Use similar sized 'Aquatrees'.
  • Allow research scientists to measure and test the growth and possibilities of this new technology.
  • Close proximity to piers.
  • See the reefs evolve into a natural ecosystem.
  • Evaulate the possiblity of using 'Aquatrees' in other areas around Australia and the world.

Installation occured in 2012

Monitoring from 2012-2015

More information is available here

The project is now cmpleted the findings are available here.