The Aquatree

'The Aquatree' is a completely porous structure, with a hollow core and is made of sand cement. Water passes through like wind through a tree. It creates the perfect environment for every type of marine plant and animal, creating shelter and food for Crayfish, Abalone, Oyster, Prawn and small fish in general.

The actual design is incredibly simple and it is directly inspired by nature itself
. . . it is MARINE FORESTRY . . .
inspired by the shape and structure of the Norfolk Pine.The concept of artificial reefs is not new, but creating an artificial reef in a specific shape that creates systematic harvesting of aquaculture products on the market, is very new. While Australia struggles to protect and repair the inland food bowl, we are surrounded by the largest “food bowl” we could wish for, our oceans. The Aquatree is the chance to move away from mono aquaculture models into vastly expanded multi-culture, multi season harvesting of crayfish, muscles, abalone, scallops, fish, prawns and other marine food sources. The growth rates of sea food make aquaculture a real answer to our oceans being our future “food bowl”.

'The Aquatree' is protected by patent pending.

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